24 March 2024

Avioxx’s pioneering approach: modelling reveals feasibility of low-cost scalable fuel production with the patented system

Avioxx’s pioneering approach: modelling reveals feasibility of low-cost scalable fuel production with the patented system

Avioxx is a new sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producer developing technology that is both scalable and cost effective. By employing clever engineering, they can simply enhance a well-established pathway to SAF without reinventing the wheel. This is the elegance of the Avioxx system.

The Avioxx system is a modification of the Gasification Fisher-Tropsch (GFT) pathway. Incorporating two additional reactors into the process dramatically increases efficiency of fuel production compared to conventional GFT.

The first innovation is the introduction of an electrolyser used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The pure oxygen stream is used in the gasification process, leading to more efficient carbon capture than gasification with air, which is only 21% oxygen.

The second and arguably the most important innovation is the introduction of new solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). While current SAF producers use external electricity to power their systems, SOFCs in the Avioxx process use syngas to generate electricity thus reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency. More details about the Avioxx process can be found in this article.

Through process analysis* of SAF production pathways for the Avioxx system and those of other SAF producers, it is estimated that Avioxx could produce fuel at 26% lower cost and with 2.26x higher carbon reduction rate than leading UK competitors.

Price and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of SAF Production Systems*
Emission Reduction vs Fuel CostAvioxx will outperform other systems in development due to the introduction of solid oxide fuel cells which power the generation of oxygen and hydrogen

Reaching net zero aviation is an ambitious target, and SAF is recognised globally as the solution to make an immediate impact. To meet the demands for SAF, especially with the exponential growth of air transport and travel, it’s imperative to support efforts toward producing as much sustainable fuel as possible while minimising effects on other aspects of the environment.

Avioxx is confident they can lead the path in sustainable fuel production. With the incorporation of a fuel cell and an electrolyser in their system, they minimise the need for external electricity. Diverting municipal waste from landfill or incineration prevents CO2 and methane emissions, further contributing to emissions reduction.

The company is working toward building their first SAF plant in the UK aiming to begin operations by April 2026. They are also developing a demonstration unit to begin the regulatory approval process for their fuel.

If you would like to learn more about Avioxx’s technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@avioxx.com.

* Values are based on preliminary calculations and subject to re-evaluation. Details of this analysis can be shared upon request.