08 November 2023

Avioxx Collaborates with Aviation Circular Economy Leaders - Air Salvage International

Avioxx Collaborates with Aviation Circular Economy Leaders - Air Salvage International

As the Avioxx team is making strides with their fuel testing programme, the company has partnered with Air Salvage International (ASI), the UK’s leading aircraft maintenance, disassembly and recovery service provider.

The team made a visit to the ASI site at Cotswold Airport to tour their facilities, see aircrafts undergoing maintenance and, most importantly, to secure engines and aircrafts for testing Avioxx sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Avioxx’s engineers are hard at work setting up their lab-based demonstration system and producing the first samples of fuel. In addition to going through vigorous tests overseen by regulatory bodies to certify their sustainable aviation fuel to the ASTM D7566 - 22a international Jet A-1 standard, the company plans to test their fuel with ASI’s engines and decommissioned aircrafts to ensure performance and stability.

Partnership with Sustainability Leaders in the Aviation Industry
Partnership with Sustainability Leaders in the Aviation Industry

As part of their mission to achieve sustainable air travel, Avioxx is strategically meeting with organisations focused on areas of sustainable aviation outside of fuel innovation. Air Salvage International is one of the world’s leading service providers for aircraft disassembly. Once aircrafts are received at ASI, parts are removed in accordance with the aircraft maintenance manual then shipped to their respective maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) workshop for testing and recertification before returning into the supply chain for onwards sale. Parts and items no longer required within the supply chain are then upcycled, repurposed or simply recycled. In addition to conventional services such as cabin reconstruction, they also offer bespoke services such as film and TV and have had their modified fuselages featured in The Fast and The Furious 6 and World War Z among other Hollywood blockbusters.

For the Avioxx team, it was an invaluable learning experience to understand the end-of-life processes for planes and to watch it happen live. Avioxx is thrilled to partner with a major company in the aviation industry that provides circular economy solutions, aligning with Avioxx’s own goals of turning the industry away from the linear economy.

During the visit, ASI Founder and CEO Mark Gregory, an aviation industry veteran with a wealth of experience from 27 years at ASI and over a decade working for an airline, shared his views on the transition to net-zero aviation:

“I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Going electric creates its own problems. We have some great engines. We don’t want to change the engine type, but by introducing a new type of fuel, we can use it in these engines right away.”

Building Networks Within the IndustryBuilding Networks Within the Industry
Building Networks Within the Industry

Climate change is a major global challenge, and solving it is a task that cannot be done alone. Through ASI’s extensive contacts, this partnership will also bridge Avioxx with the wider aviation industry, providing the team with insights and potential for further collaborations. Avioxx is confident that they will be able to deliver high-grade, cost-effective SAF to the industry, and this partnership represents a solid step toward realising the goal of zero-carbon air travel.

Take a look at this article to learn more about our technology and the science behind making fuel from waste, or get in touch at: info@avioxx.com